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"Eat Great, Feel Great, Look Great" Retreat, Sept 24-26, Bear Lake, Idaho - A Healthy Women's Retreat

Join us for a fun-filled and relaxing wellness weekend with classes, group functions & individual wellness sessions.

Presenters (Scroll down for addt'l info on each presenter)

  • Kellie Weaver - Dynamic Detox

  • Sarah Jones - Ready... Feel... Cook!

  • Jennifer Netherton -Intuitive Health

  • Stacey Cardon - Embracing our Divinity through Mindfulness

  • Melanee Dahl - Nutrition, Stress & Relationships


  • Foot Zoning

  • Yoga Class


  • Massage

  • Light Therapy

  • Group Meditation

  • Group Clearings

Retreat Venue

7,700 sq ft Home on the Hill near Bear Lake

With unobstructed views of the lake, 7,700 square feet of space with large decks for entertaining, 3 cozy fireplaces, adequate seating in the dinning area for all and comfortable lounging areas, the Timber Lodge is the perfect location for your family rendezvous.

A hidden passageway through a bookshelf leads to an open wooden bridge into the loft above the garage for a magical experience. Splash Pad in the backyard, five TVs and Ping Pong, means no one will be left without something to do. An Adult retreat with fireplace, deck and TV opens into the master bedroom and will ensure the balance of gathering time versus quiet time for the most discerning grownup.

Cathedral ceilings, and four individual balconies make bedrooms palatial. Eight foot sliding glass doors off the upstairs and lower level great rooms as well as off the dinning room allow for quick and easy access to the party decks and patio for outdoor dinning or lounging. Exposed beams and timbers, rock fireplaces and wood trim give you the mountain escape you're looking for.

Within walking distance of a fishing pond and Garden City bike path as well as close to all major restaurants and parks.


  • 11 Bedrooms

  • 8 Full Bathrooms

  • 20 Queen Beds

  •   4 Twin Bunks & 5 Single Beds 

  • BYOB & Couch Options

  • Handicap Accessible (main floor bedroom & roll in shower. No steps through garage into home.)

Fun Stuff

  • Full Wifi

  • 5 TVs around the house

  • 2 Washer/2 Dryers

  • Spa Tub

  • Ping Pong & Foosball Table

  • Mountain & Lake Views

  • Fish Pond & Bike Path Nearby

Our Team

Kellie Weaver

Co-Host & Main Presenter

Kellie Weaver has been a professional Energy Coach since 2018. She facilitates her clients to raise their vibration and bring themselves into alignment with their goals through techniques which are energetic, spiritual, and physical. 

Please reach out to Kellie for a free initial voice call for new clients to experience these techniques first-hand. 

Kellie is married and lives in Soda Springs, Idaho. She has four children and so far, only 3 grand-kittens and 1 grand-puppy.

Kim Grotepas

Co-Host & Mini-Presenter

Kim will speak on how the Adversary uses nutritional energies against us and will do a group clearing of negative nutritional energies which could be holding you back from your health & weight-loss goals.

Kim also designs, creates & sells orgone jewelry and pyramids through her business, HiVibesCollective.com.

Kim is married and has three children. She lives in Woods Cross, Utah.

Jennifer Netherton

Health Coach - Main Presenter

Jennifer is the owner of Enlightened Nourishment Coaching. She believes health comes from all aspects of life to include physically spiritually and mentally. She specializes in enlightening the individual to learn how to nourish all these aspects of their lives. She believes that nourishment is very different for each person and takes a very individual approach. She uses her expertise to coach and teach her clients how to listen to themselves to meet their highest health.

She has been a certified personal trainer for 13 years, a certified health coach for 3 years, and has two Masters in Psychology. She has been doing energy work for about 4 years and recently completed the Transformation Code advanced training and is a Certified Energy Worker Coach. She uses all of her expertise and training to work with clients to break beyond their blocks and limiting beliefs to learn how to get healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle that works for each individual.

She will be talking on learning to get healthy intuitively. Specifically talking about determining what to eat and do to meet the individual's health goals. 

Sarah Jones

Retreat Chef, Intuitive Living Guide & Main Presenter

I help individuals better understand their intuition, or the guidance of the Light of Christ in their life so they have increased positive experiences with all things relating to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I’ll share perspective and ways to work with our entire consciousness to increase our faith and crush our fears, especially relating to shopping, planning, cooking, and/or eating whole foods.

Sarah Jones is an Intuitive Living Guide and Speaker who simplifies the purpose of life to help individuals better navigate the world
within and around them. She focuses on helping others increase Light, Love, & Hope in their lives by sharing applicable insight to
co-creating our lives with Jesus Christ; Specifically through sharing relatable stories and validating the "human" feelings and experiences we each have, while also adding perspective to overcoming the "natural
(wo)man" within each of us.

Stacey Cardon

Guided Meditation Coach - Presenter

My emphasis is on acceptance of our imperfect natures, while embracing the knowledge that we are offspring of divinity and because such, we possess divine worth and the capacity to rise above our human natures. 

I’m a certified life coach through The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. I love understanding human nature alongside our divinity, and how they can work together to help us reach our unique divine potentials. I use mindfulness and meditation as a modality for growth and healing. I work exclusively with women, but I began my journey teaching mindfulness in preschools. I quickly saw how a mindful parent helps to shape a mindful child. 

Melanee Dahl

Clinical Nutritionist - Main Presenter

Nutrition is the art of relationship. In particular, the way we eat can tell us a lot about our relationships to stress, to others, and especially to ourselves. We have been conditioned to turn off our innate intuition and to trust outside authorities. During our time together we will explore why your food choices may be causing you undo stress while numbing the wisdom your body was born with. We can reclaim our intuitive eating, honor our bodies, and heal our relationships. Reclaiming satisfaction in our nutrition can be a gateway to a healthy and vibrant life.

Melanee is an integrative clinical nutritionist who helps clients optimize their health. Melanee’s nutrition clinic, Integrative Functional Nutrition (IFN), uses a weight inclusive Health at Every Size (HAES) approach to nutrition. Every person has individual and unique needs, and their nutrition plan should reflect that. Melanee helps clients sort through all the noise in the nutrition field and focus on what their specific body needs. Using an Intuitive Eating approach, clients create habits that are healthy, sustainable, and specific. Healthy eating does not need to be difficult or mysterious.

Registration Options (Early Bird Pricing)

  • $650 - Private Queen Bed (Each room has 2 Queen Beds - 2 people per room)

  • $350 - Shared Queen Bed (Each room has 2 Queen Beds - 4 people per room)

  • $350 - Lower Queen Bunk (Invite a Bunk Buddy or have it all to yourself)