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Periwinkle Panda Productions

We produce retreats and conferences for like-minded souls in the realm of energy work, alternative & holistic healing, and mindfulness.

Periwinkle - The color of friendship and womanhood. Periwinkle represents serenity, calmness, blossoming friendships, sentimental memories, and everlasting love.

It doesn't condone hate and has a soft spot for friends and family members. Simply put, Periwinkle is a role model.

Panda - A powerful spirit animal inspiring tranquil strength, gentleness and determination.

Pandas are also associated with peace, good luck, positive outlook, a connection with eastern wisdom, heart-centered energy, nurturing ability, calm determination, ability to take time to reach your goals, importance of private space and personal boundaries.

What people say



This retreat was so much fun! Amazing hosts, and fabulous guests, and amazing teachers too! It was as fun as it was healing  So glad I went!!

Gina T.


What an absolutely amazing weekend! Thank you everyone for sharing your talents, gifts, experiences, vulnerabilities, expertise, information, scholarships, energy and time with me this past weekend! So much GOODNESS ! I wish I had taken more pictures.

Chereon H.


I enjoyed the Raise Your Vibration Retreat at The Nest...what a beautiful venue for the Guided Meditation I recorded! The group did yoga by the lake, and the little stream out the back door was just the perfect healing sound backdrop. The food was delicious and thoughtful. The classes taught were both interesting and uplifting. The pace was restful...lots to do but not a ton of structure. I enjoyed myself immensely, and my Vibrations were indeed raised. Thank you!

Julie H.


I loved meeting all of you at the retreat! You are amazing and I had a blast!


Connect with new people who you might not otherwise meet. Exchange info and see how you can benefit from your association.


Learn something new by benefiting from other's experience and expertise. Take what you've learned home to benefit yourself, family & friends.


Come relax and enjoy your time away in this luxurious cabin with private lake. Rejuvinate yourself and spend quality time absorbed in self-care.


If you are a business owner, check out options to present to the group or offer your products or services as a vendor.


Pamper yourself with a foot zone, light therapy and/or massage from our collegues.

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Periwinkle Panda Productions is an event company based in Utah & Idaho dedicated to producing events that enrich & educate women in the arts of natural healing, intuition, homeopathy, energy work, nutrition, relaxation & self-care